The Bruery: Private Barrel Program. 2022, OC CA

Our Private Barrel Program is a culmination of our efforts and expertise in barrel-aging, blending, and cellaring. For the 2022 evolution of the program, we are proud to present double barrel-aged Black Tuesday, finished exclusively in 5 gallon barrels sourced from Reservoir Distillery.

There are a very limited number of barrels available, so if you want to be a part of this exclusive program, don't wait— barrels are already selling very quickly and we don't expect them to last much longer.

Read on for what's included with your purchase, details on this premium product, the perfect gift for beer lovers, and more.

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It's more than just a barrel and bottles; with your support of the Private Barrel Program, you're getting an exclusive bespoke experience unlike any other. With the extremely limited number of barrels available, you will be one of very few to appreciate and enjoy this premium product and the unique experience that comes with it.

Each exclusive 5-gallon barrel is $1200, and includes the following:

  • 25 custom-labeled bottles with your choice of text
  • 1 treated 5-gallon barrel with display cradle
  • Keepsake bottle display
  • Curated tasting notes
Three bottle renders with notes: 25 bottles straight from your barrel; Perfect for any occasion: shares, gifting, serving large events…; Your own custom text displayed on the front label

We are so excited to welcome you into our community of barrel-aging aficionados and celebrate this year's Private Barrel Program with us. This small-batch program is truly an exciting project for an intimate group of our biggest fans, and we hope to count you among them.

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Spots are open now, exclusively for our Hoarders and Reserve Society Members. Hurry, as barrels are moving fast!

Your custom bottles and personal barrel will be ready for pickup in mid-November 2022. We understand this is a long wait time, but by purchasing early, you're able to truly be a part of this unique process, and support our Bruers in carefully crafting this product just for you.

Other details, such as submitting your custom text, pick-up events, and more will be announced in the coming months, so after your purchase, keep an eye on your inbox as we communicate details and updates on this exciting program.

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For the lucky few that can get their hands on one of these barrels (and the 25 custom-labeled bottles of double barrel-aged Black Tuesday that come with it), count yourselves among our favorites for trusting in our expertise and appreciation for the art of barrel-aging and blending, and our excitement for this new iteration of a very special program.

"Being able to create your own label and the overall experience was one we still talk about to this day. In a world of mass produced beer, this felt even more special and unique. When you want the best, where else do you go from here? You are getting an incredible beer of Black Tuesday, and then taking it to the next level."
—Jeanette Morrison, Hoarders Society Member

Closeup of 5-gallon barrel on table with a sticker with the customers' name on it.

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This unique blend of Black Tuesday started its life in a host of different barrels in our cellar. Brewed over two years ago, we have aged this batch of Black Tuesday in 11-year Henry McKenna, 8-year EH Taylor, 7-year Evan Williams, 6-year Weller, Peerless Rye, California Brandy, and Garrison Brothers barrels, and we even threw in a Sherry cask. We blended all these barrels together for optimal flavor balance and complexities, then double barreled exclusively into these 5 gallon barrels from Reservoir Distillery.

All these hand-selected barrels bring a new meaning to double barrel-aged Black Tuesday. To say this is a unique blend is an understatement, albeit a true one— aged once in specialty barrels then laid to rest in small format barrels for its final nuance, this is certainly a one-of-a-kind release.

"It’s truly a great beer! That’s the truth. It does differ from the regular Black Tuesday offering and I believe it’s better. We were also thrilled to see each bottle individually numbered."
—Lloyd & Carrilee Fox, Hoarders Society Members

Jeremy pulling beer sample from a large barrel

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This incredible opportunity is not to be missed, but don't take our word for it. Meet Brian Schmidt, longtime Society Member and fan of The Bruery. His purchase of the 2021 Single Barrel project meant so much more than good beer and a nice barrel— it meant sharing beers with family and creating irreplaceable memories.

Brian working at his desk with his 5-gallon barrel on his desk.

Working in the spirits industry, Brian is keenly aware of what it takes to make an impression— so his own personal 5-gallon barrel, proudly displayed in his home office alongside bottles of Black Tuesday and countless other spirits, is the perfect talking point for his clients and friends.

The bottles from his barrel have been put to good use as well. After sharing the cost (and some of the bottles) with fellow beer-loving friends, Brian was able to share his "Limited Edition: Schmidt From the Barrel" custom-labeled bottles with friends and family, including his father and father-in-law, with whom he shares a bond over a mutual love of good beer.

"This was an incredible opportunity to take my favorite beer and make it my own— an exclusive-to-me collection of bottles that I can enjoy with my friends and family. Taking this one step further and making it unique to me is the ultimate society member perk."
—Brian Schmidt, Hoarders Society Member

Whether you're interested in a barrel as a display piece, the bottles as the perfect custom gift, or just want to gain access to a bespoke experience exclusive to our Private Barrel Project community, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to partake in something exciting.

5-gallon barrel and collection of custom bottles in front of a guitar in a customer's home office.
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We hope you are as excited about this project as we are. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Keith and customer Brian picking up bottles and barrels. Keith is pointing at Brian and both have funny, faux-serious faces.
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