You can pick up your beers from two locations:

• Our Fulfillment center, located next to our Tasting Room, at 717 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA 92870

• Our D.C. store located at 513 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

For an additional fee we can deliver your orders to CA, DC, ND, NH, OH, PA, VA, and VT.

Due to state regulations we can only ship the following amounts of beers to ND, NH, OH, PA, VA, and VT:

  • Virginia - 2 CEs per month per customer 
  • Pennsylvania - 192 oz per month and 96 oz per brand per month
  • New Hampshire - The equivalent of 12 750ml bottles per month, per customer. 
  • North Dakota - 288 oz. per month, per customer
  • Ohio - 288 oz. per month, per customer and no more than 24 cases per year per family
  • Virginia - the equivalent of two cases per month, per customer

We also offer same-day delivery options in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Northern VA, and Washington D.C.

Preservation Society Members - You can cellar your beers throughout the entire quarter of your membership. 

Hoarders & Reserve Society members - You can cellar your beers until February of the following year. For example, if you're a member in 2020, we will store your beers until February of 2021. 



Simply put, no. We'd love to accommodate; however, due to the limited nature of these beers, we are unable to change your preference type for included bottles in the middle of the year. That being said, most beers are available to purchase even if they're not included in your membership. 

Guest access cards grant the holder the same privileges as a member in our Tasting Rooms and the Washington D.C. store. That means whoever has your guest access card will receive your member discount along with member access. Hoarders receive 2 guest access cards, while Reserve members receive 1.

In short, absolutely! All you need to do is include their name in the email you send to or, otherwise you can list them in the order notes field while placing an order on the online store.

There are so many ways to get your beer. You can either check out with one of the following options, or choose product from your cellar to be fulfilled in the same way.


• Members can pickup from our Fulfillment Center located at 741 Dunn Way, Placentia CA 92870 - open daily from 12:00 PM PST to 6:00 PM PST

• Members can pickup from the Washington D.C. Store located at 513 Morse St. NE Washington D.C., 20002

Loakal Delivery - $15

• Select areas of Orange County and Los Angeles County qualify for same-day local delivery if you place an order before 12:00 PM PST. You can learn more about our zones by heading to our general FAQ

• Washington D.C. and select zips in Northern VA qualify for same-day local delivery if you place your order before 12:00 PM EST. Thurs - Sun.

Express-Shipping - ADDITIONAL FEE

• We can ship your beer to all of CA, DC, ND, NH, OH, PA, VA, and VT via our partners at GSO and UPS. You can learn more about our Express-Shipping regions by heading to delivery page.

For Preservation Society Members, your included bottles are typically ready as soon as you join. New membership packages are usually available on the first day of the new quarter. New member packages are usually available 2 weeks after this for D.C. members. 

For Reserve and Hoarders members, we plan to release one included bottle per month, at minimum. You can check which bottles are included and when by logging into your account clicking on the "included" tab. Your included bottles will automatically populate in your cellar as soon as they are available to you. To view your cellar, just log in to your account, and click on "my cellar" to see which beers are available to ship or pick up. 

Each month we release a flurry of new beers, with members always getting first shot. Your allocations are just the number of bottles or cans allocated to you as a member to purchase. Until it's sold out, you have the access to buy the allocated number of each beer, throughout the month. These beers are typically Society Exclusive releases, member-only presales on limited distribution beers, special archives pulled out from our cellar, or first dibs on returning favorites.