Recipe: Aaron’s Holiday Bruery Beer Cocktails

Our manager over at The Bruery Tasting Room has experience working at fancypants cocktail bars in San Diego, so when we were looking for some holiday recipes that incorporate beer, we had to include a couple bonus “recipes” that the cook might enjoy while preparing all those holiday plates. Aaron put together some new beer cocktails using each a limited release Bruery beer, a seasonal, and a brand new brew that we have not released just yet. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it!

The first cocktail is a classic that has been around The Bruery since it’s inception — you will even see it in our Tasting Room from time to time: the Hottenroth Mimosa.
Airy mouthfeel, orange juice and low alcohol content combine to make a drink that is a perfect way to start a holiday. Hottenroth, our German-style Berliner Weisse, takes the place of champagne in this take on the classic morning mimosa.

Build the ingredients in a champagne flute and garnish with a raspberry. If you’re feeling frisky, add a dash of raspberry syrup in traditional Berliner Weisse fashion to give the drink a sweet touch and a light rosy character.

4 oz. The Bruery Hotternroth
4 oz. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Raspberry garnish

The second cocktail is a variation of the always delicious ‘Between the Sheets’ cocktail. Apple brandy, light rum and tripel sec make for a great afternoon cocktail when made with our most recent collaboration beer: Tout Mais Le Coller, brewed with our friends at Noble Ale Works. Expect to see this beer on sale at our Tasting Room in the coming weeks.

This is the perfect cocktail for a sunny December afternoon in Southern California. Build this cocktail in a rocks glass and lightly stir. Strain into a chilled lowball glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

3 Tablespoons Clear Creek Apple Brandy
2 Tablespoons The Bruery Tout Mais Le Coller
1 Tablespoon Flor De Caña 4-Year White
1 Tablespoon Tripel Sec
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
lemon twist garnish

After a long night of holiday eating and drinking, we love to sit down with a big barrel aged beer or a neat digestif to complete our night. Mélange #3, a sweet blend of decadent barrel aged brews, and Fernet Branca, an Italian digestive bitter, provide perfect counterbalances for one another in this simple late night treat.

These are some of the finer things — meant to be sipped, savored slowly and enjoyed with the company of friends or family. End your night with one of these and you’ll go to sleep happy. Float the Fernet-Branca using a bar spoon and enjoy.

3 oz. Melange #3
1 oz. Fernet Branca

Post written by our very own Tasting Room manager Aaron Horwitz. Aaron has been with The Bruery for 4 years. When he’s not crafting cocktails or talking beer, he’s swimming or doing some kind of nutty sport activity.

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