The Donut Box

Mixed Pack

The Donut Box

Mixed Pack
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Here at The Bruery, we’re what you might call taste-obsessed. From the food we eat, to the beers we drink— we’re constantly chasing the latest and greatest in flavors. This passion project box presented an exciting opportunity to work with fellow taste makers, who are just as obsessed with perfecting their craft. Sure, we had to taste through dozens of donuts, and travel far and wide to find the very best creators; it’s not an easy job, but somebody had to donut… er, do it. Enjoy these four unique, hand-crafted beers, each inspired by show-stopping donuts from each of our talented donut partners. Cheers!

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Abuelita's Special (x2)
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cacao nibs, cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla beans, and cinnamon [10.5% ABV]

Abuelita’s Special was inspired by a very special donut made by our friends at Trejo’s Donuts in Los Angeles. Abuelita’s is a raised donut with dark chocolate and dark chocolate crumble. As soon as we tasted this delightful pastry, we knew it was a winner and set our minds toward recreating it in drinkable form, barrel-aged style.

Cherry Blawesome (x2)
Bourbon barrel-aged blonde stout with cherries, almonds, graham cracker, milk sugar, and Madagascar vanilla beans [11.2% ABV]

Cherry Blawesome was inspired by a favorite donut of ours, released annually in D.C., to coincide with the Cherry Blossom season. The donut uses sour cherries, creamy frosting, almonds, and pie crust crumble. We did our darnedest to recreate this donut experience in bourbon barrel-aged liquid form with our friends at District Doughnut.

Crème de la Crème (x2)
Bourbon barrel-aged blonde stout with dulce de leche, salt, and Madagascar vanilla beans [11.1% ABV]

Crème de la Crème was inspired by a donut that was inspired by the classic dessert Crème Brûlée. Our friends at The Donuttery are absolute wizards when it comes to taste, so we did our best to follow suit. As fellow flavor fiends, we decided to create a brand new bourbon barrel-aged blonde stout to recreate the toffee, burnt sugar, and vanilla notes present in the donut. We hope you enjoy!

Caramel on Parade (x2)
Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with vegan caramel, cacao nibs, Madagascar vanilla beans, and pecans [10.3% ABV]

Caramel on Parade was inspired by a vegan donut from our buds at Donut Friend in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. This donut features a moist chocolate cake topped with caramel sauce, toasted pecans, and chocolate glaze— and it blew our minds. We couldn’t wait to get to work on turning this tasty treat into a barrel-aged drinkable donut.

What's inside:

  • 8 x 16oz. cans (2 cans of each beer)
  • 2 x The Bruery 0.4L stemmed Tulip glassware featuring special The Donut Box wraparound artwork
  • Exclusive offers from our donut partners
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation, Public
  • Pickup/Loakal Delivery from The Bruery Store D.C. starting Thursday, 7.15
  • VA/PA/ND/NH/VT shipping orders will ship beginning Wednesday, 7.14


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Behind the Process

The collaborations behind The Donut Box are what make it so special. Watch the video to learn more about the behind-the-scenes moments that went into this collaboration.