Barrel-Aged 12 Days Collection

Barrel-Aged 12 Days Collection

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12 years, 12 beers. This limited edition collection includes a 2020 version of all twelve of our original barrel-aged 12 Days of Christmas Series releases. From Partridge to Drummers, we’ve got you covered. We took the original recipes and created a fresh version and then laid them to rest in a collection of spirit barrels for you to taste in this collectible box. Finish your collection, or try side by side with your original. Creating this box was no small feat, but conversely this release is extremely limited and available only once, every 12 years.

Each box contains one 375-ml. bottle from each of our barrel-aged 12 Days of Christmas Series releases (12 total bottles):

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Partridge in a Pear Tree

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style quadrupel ale with spices – 14.7% ABV

Partridge in a Pear Tree was brewed in the style of a Belgian-style quadrupel ale, with dark candied sugar and both Munich and Vienna malts. We then aged it in bourbon barrels for over a year, adding complexity to this beautifully rich and dark ale. Singing with notes of dark fruits and oak, this simple yet immensely complex ale is intended to be consumed with good company. 

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 2 Turtle Doves

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style dark ale with cacao nibs and pecans – 14.5% ABV

We took this chocolate turtle candy-inspired beer and aged it in bourbon barrels for an extra decadent layer of complexity. Brewed with cacao nibs, toasted pecans, and plenty of caramel malts, it's somewhere between a Belgian-style dark ale and a smooth, chocolatey confection. This immensely complex ale is meant to be savored and shared.

Trois Poules Francais

Madeira barrel-aged sour Belgian-style dark ale with Syrah grapes – 11.8% ABV

Establishing its own unique place in the 12 Days saga, the nom de plume of our third verse is nothing to cluck at, especially once it's seen a year in madeira barrels. This Belgian-style dark ale is a bold and spicy concoction that rises above the pecking order, finishing clean with hints of oak, dried fruit, and added complexity from its time spent in wood.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 4 Calling Birds

Bourbon barrel-aged dark ale brewed with spices – 13.5% ABV

We took inspiration from a traditional winter warmer, integrating gingerbread-like spices into this dark ale. Bourbon barrel-aging brings complexity, elevating familiar notes of licorice and banana bread that mingle with hints of dark fruit, molasses, and bitter chocolate for a perfect cold-weather sipper!

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 5 Golden Rings

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style golden ale with pineapple and spices – 15.3% ABV

5 Golden Rings is the only golden ale in our 12 Days of Christmas series. We spiced up the natural pause in the classic song with cinnamon, allspice, and ginger that play harmoniously with notes of burnt wood and sweet and under-ripe fruit from the time spent in bourbon barrels.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 6 Geese-A-Laying

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style dark ale brewed with Cape gooseberries – 13.9% ABV

6 Geese-A-Laying is a return to the more classic dark and toasty winter ale. This variation spent time in bourbon barrels, adding toasty notes of oak and vanilla. Brewed with Cape gooseberries, this malty ale highlights notes of plums, dark cherry, and bright, citrus-like flavors from the namesake berries. Honk if you love good beer!

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 7 Swans-A-Swimming

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style quadrupel ale – 14.8% ABV

7 Swans-A-Swimming is a traditional Belgian-style quadrupel, with notes of raisin bread, dried apricots, burnt caramel, and roasted pecans. The bourbon barrel-aging layers on complexities with notes of oak, plum, toffee, tobacco, and dates, as the Belgian yeast esters mimic winter-like spicing for the finishing touch.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 8 Maids-A-Milking

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial milk stout – 13.5% ABV

A rare variation to the eighth beer in our 12 Days of Christmas series. This imperial milk stout was laid to rest in bourbon barrels for over a year, and emerges this holiday season with deeper, richer, darker, more velvety milk chocolate notes, along with amplified roastiness and ripples of caramel, coconut, and vanilla character.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 9 Ladies Dancing

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style ale brewed with lactose, cacao nibs, vanilla, and coffee – 12.6% ABV

The ninth verse in our 12 Days of Christmas series is inspired by flavors and ingredients found in tiramisu, including ladyfingers, with notes of vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. This limited variation was swept off its feet and into bourbon barrels for a year, where it developed an even richer, more chocolaty character, complimented by freshly roasted beans from Portola Coffee Roasters.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 10 Lords-A-Leaping

Bourbon barrel-aged dark imperial wit ale brewed with dried apples and spices – 13.9% ABV

Wassail is known for warmth and spices. This bourbon barrel-aged rendition goes leaps and bounds beyond a traditional winter warmer, drawing inspiration from dark, spiced ales from Belgium and our love for experimental brewing in SoCal. This dark imperial wit ale features 10 different spices, which complement the spiced notes imparted from the yeast and prance upon the rich, dark fruited character of the specialty malts and wood.

Scotch Barrel-Aged 11 Pipers Piping

Scotch whisky barrel-aged Scotch-style ale brewed with Belgian Candi sugar and coriander – 13.1% ABV

This Scotch-style ale features a rich and dominant malt flavor complimented by the Candi sugar, a traditional Belgian ingredient, while the coriander's roasted, nutty aromas and flavors come to the front. The year spent in Scotch whisky barrels adds rich character of wood and hints of vanilla to round it out.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged 12 Drummers Drumming

Bourbon barrel-aged blend of 80% Belgian-style quadrupel ale and 20% solera barrel-aged old ale – 15.4% ABV

Thirteen years in the making, Bourbon Barrel-Aged 12 Drummers Drumming is the final release in our barrel-aged version of the 12 Days of Christmas series. A celebratory blend of our bourbon barrel-aged anniversary ale and a Belgian-style quadrupel ale that was aged in bourbon barrels. Boisterous notes of toffee, dark fruit, caramel, and oak character bring this 12-year journey to an extraordinary close.

  • Includes 12 x 375-ml. bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation