Spontaneous Set (2024)

Mixed Pack

Spontaneous Set (2024)

Mixed Pack
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Carpé Diem!  Sometimes you just have to, well, live spontaneously.  Perhaps if there were some magic potion for just such a thing.  Now there is!  Let your spontaneity shine with this set featuring our authentic spontaneously fermented lambic-style ales.

This set features one 750-ml. bottle each of the following:


Oak barrel-aged spontaneously fermented sour ale with blueberries | 6.2%

Spontanaheim (2021)

Spontaneously fermented sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels | 5.8%

Onus On Us (2021)

Spontaneously-fermented sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels | 5.9%

  • Includes 3 x 750-ml. bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation, Public


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Mixed Pack