Spontanaheim (2020) - 1.5L

Spontaneous Sour Blonde Ale

Spontanaheim (2020) - 1.5L

Spontaneous Sour Blonde Ale

Spontaneously fermented sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels

We're proud to present Spontanaheim, an homage to tradition and a testament to our team's dedication to the craft. Brewed using traditional Belgian methods of turbid mashing and spontaneous fermentation, with the wild winds of Anaheim imparting unique flavors. After 18-24 months of aging in our Puncheon Pyramid, we tasted and hand-selected our favorite barrels, which were then masterfully blended to taste. Funky, complex, tart, and crisp — made only for our most avid enthusiasts.

  • 1.5L Bottle
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation, Public
  • Extremely Limited Quantities


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Spontanaheim (2020)

Homage to Tradition

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