Best Of Small Batch Hoarders Series Box

Best Of Small Batch Hoarders Series Box

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This box contains a collection of our most well-received and highest-reviewed Hoarders Small Batch releases. Featuring twelve different beers in 375-ml. bottles (one bottle of each), showcasing some of our favorites from The Bruery throughout the entire history of the Small Batch Hoarders Series:

We’ve always considered small batch treatments like these to be too difficult to bottle for all our fans — but not for Hoarders Society members. The beers inside this box showcase some of our most adventurous, innovative, and exclusive creations to date.

Black Tuesday Grand Reserve (2018) - 21.5% ABV [HSB #3 2018]
Our exceptional triple barrel-aged version of our imperial stout was consecutively racked into three sets of special bourbon barrels.  After three years in the making, this smooth, decadent stout is finally ready to be unveiled. 
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So Happens It's Snack Time - 15.0% ABV [HSB #3 2018]
This Candy Bar inspired barrel-aged imperial stout is sure to satisfy.  We added graham crackers, peanuts, cacao nibs, and salt for an end result that is nutty, sweet, salty, and smooth.
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Glühwein Black Tuesday - 18.9% ABV [HSB #4 2018]
Taking inspiration from a German mulled wine served around the holidays (it's pronounced gloo-vine, by the way) we started with our Napa Cab barrel-aged Black Tuesday and added warming spices and citrus to bring all the good cheer. Prost! 
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Black Twosday - 19.0% ABV [HSB #1 2019]
You know what they say: two Black Tuesdays are better than one. Two varieties of our most beloved and infamous beer get blended here, one aged in port-barrels and the other in red-wine. Both were aged for 24 months making this a two-year, two-barrel affair, aka double trouble, but the best kind. 
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Share This: Vanilla - 13.5% ABV [HSB #3 2019]
We meticulously tasted and hand-selected barrels that earned the right to be treated with cream-of-the-crop vanilla. This carefully crafted small batch brings blaring notes of vanilla along with rich, warming, and decadent hints of chocolate and oak. It’s a perfect beer for sharing, but you’ll probably want to keep it to yourself. 
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Mashed Up Nuts - 12.9% ABV [HSB #3 2019]
A big rich barleywine lends itself perfectly to flavors just as big. That’s why we loaded this Hoarders-only variant with tons of pecans and coconut. The nose is rich with freshly shredded coconut and mashed pecans, while the palate brings forth huge notes of fudge, lightly toasted coconut, and nutty pecans. 
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Grain In Grain Out - 14.8% ABV [HSB #4 2019]
This blend of premium barrels is focused around a mission to brew the perfect barrel-aged imperial stout base. We took a heavily wheated imperial stout aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels since 2016, and blended to taste with a combination of Heaven Hill barrel-aged imperial stouts. The result is rich with notes of chocolate, dark fruit, and charred oak. 
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Xmas Spiced Anniversary - 16.0% ABV [HSB #4 2019]
'Tis the season to be a Hoarder. For this Hoarders-only creation we took our bourbon barrel-aged anniversary ale and transformed it into the perfect holiday concoction. Ringing with notes of orange zest, cranberry, and holiday spices— this beer pairs perfectly with out of town relatives you can't wait to send back home. 
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Chew On This - 13.1% ABV [HSB #1 2020]
Exploration leads to discovery. When searching for this year's Hold The Spoon variant, we found a beer we absolutely loved, but couldn't scale for a Hold The Spoon release. This beer was inspired by our favorite Brambleberry Crisp ice cream with loads of vanilla, lactose, granola, blackberry, and boysenberry added for a massive mouthfeel and sweet, juicy berry flavors.
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Blue Steel Berry Pie - 14.7% ABV [HSB #1 2020]
This beer has got the look down. Inspired by the nostalgia-inducing flavors of a blueberry pie — we loaded this up with blueberries, graham cracker, and vanilla for a full-bodied stunner that'll make you freeze in your tracks. 
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Monkey Bizness - 17.2% ABV [HSB #3 2020]
We knew Hoarders would go bananas for this one. Inspired by our innovation team's love for Monkey Bread, this ale was aged in bourbon barrels with Dulce de Leche, cinnamon, pecans, and vanilla. 
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Not A Brownie - 14.5% ABV [HSB #3 2020]
We like to ask the important questions, like is a blondie a brownie? Would a blondie make a great beer? Well, no and yes, respectively. This ale was aged in bourbon barrels with coconut, cacao nibs, walnuts, vanilla, and Dulce de Leche for a decadent treat. 
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  • Each box contains 12x 375-ml. bottles
  • All beers have been cold-cellared and have gone through extensive sensory tasting and analysis in our laboratory