Small Batch Hoarders Series Edition No. 3 (2020)

Small Batch Hoarders Series Edition No. 3 (2020)

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We’ve always considered small batch treatments like these to be too difficult to bottle for all our fans — but not for Hoarders Society members. The beers inside this box showcase some of our most adventurous, innovative, and exclusive creations to date.

Whether you share with a friend or keep them all to yourself, enjoy now and drink fresh — these beers aren't pasteurized or designed for cellaring.

Each box contains a set of six different beers in 375-ml. bottles (12 total), including three from The Bruery and three from The Bruery Terreux:

Monkey Bizness - 17.2% ABV
We knew Hoarders would go bananas for this one. Inspired by our innovation team's love for Monkey Bread, this ale was aged in bourbon barrels with Dulce de Leche, cinnamon, pecans, and vanilla.

Moesha's Apple Sour - 8.2% ABV
This Hoarders exclusive has Brandy written all over it. We took our sour blonde ale and aged it in Apple Brandy barrels, but that just wasn't enough, so we added some Macintosh apples to the mix. The result is a cocktail-like concoction that sips funky and fresh.

Not A Brownie - 14.5% ABV
We like to ask the important questions, like is a blondie a brownie? Would a blondie make a great beer? Well, no and yes, respectively. This ale was aged in bourbon barrels with coconut, cacao nibs, walnuts, vanilla, and Dulce de Leche for a decadent treat.

Horse In The Grove - 6.9% ABV
This horse has been in the orchard, but now it's time to hit the grove. This foeder-aged tart saison is funky and fruit-forward with notes of pomegranate and apricots. It's rounded out quite nicely with a hint of spice from the white pepper.

Black Tuesday Islay - 19.2% ABV
What would happen if Black Tuesday took a trip to the southernmost islands of Islay? This beer would happen! Made exclusively for Hoarders members, Black Tuesday Islay is an experiment in wood — treating our biggest base beer in peaty Scotch barrels, leaving you with the familiar flavors of Black Tuesday with a Scottish twist.

Tart of Darkness with Cherry and Coconut - 8.2% ABV
The roasty notes of Tart of Darkness immerse themselves in the tropical wave of flavor brought on by the addition of cherries and toasted coconut. It's like eating a cherry coconut pie with a nice cup of coffee.