Ruekeller: Märzen (2021)

Märzen-style Lager

Ruekeller: Märzen (2021)

Märzen-style Lager

Märzen-style lager

Challenging in process, traditional in method. Ruekeller: Märzen is inspired by old-world brewing techniques in the likeness of the traditional name. We crafted this Märzen-style lager with the finestof ingredients, the utmost of care,and years of experience inbrewing extraordinary craft lagers.

Inspired by the classic Bavarian style, Rukeller: Märzen is a wonderfully complex lager with a rich, velvety body, sweet malty notes, and a firm hop bite.

    • 4-pack of 16oz. cans
    • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation, Public
    • Pickup/Loakal Delivery from The Bruery Store D.C. starting Thursday, 9.17
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