Onus On Us (2020) - 3L

Spontaneously-fermented Sour Blonde

Onus On Us (2020) - 3L

Spontaneously-fermented Sour Blonde
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Spontaneously-fermented sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels

When it comes to crafting extraordinary wild ales, the onus is on us. This three year blend is an homage to tradition and a testament to our team's dedication to the craft. Brewed using traditional Belgian methods of turbid mashing and spontaneous fermentation, with the wild winds of industrial-rustic Anaheim imparting unique flavors. We tasted and hand-selected our favorite barrels, which were then gracefully blended to taste. Funky, complex, tart, and drinkable.

  • 3L Bottle
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve
  • Extremely Limited Quantities


Beer Style
Sour Blonde
Funky, Jammy, Oak, Tart

Onus On Us

Dedication to Craft