Manky Panky

Barrel-Aged Saison

Manky Panky

Barrel-Aged Saison
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Gin and fernet barrel-aged tart saison ale with Syrah grapes, raspberries, and blood orange

Intrigued by the flavor supernova of the Manky Panky cocktail, we wanted to try our hand at mixing it up Terreux style. The addition of Syrah grapes creates a uniquely Terreux experience with influence from the wine world. Treated with blood orange and raspberries, bringing the herbal and earthy tones to life with a burst of sweet citrus. This Manky Panky packs plenty of flavor oomph— serve neat, not shaken or stirred.

  • 750-ml. Bottle
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation

Tasting Notes:

Manky Panky pours a vibrant, brilliant red color with orange hues. The beer maintains a nice head as it’s poured and the nose is immediately greeted by a burst of citrus along with a complex pop of funk and bright berries. The palate is a blend of funky oak flavor with a strong presence of Syrah and grape, laced with hints of juniper and orange zest, deep notes of blood orange, and just a dash of flavor from the fernet barrels.


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