Bruesicle: Mango Charms (2022)

Smoothie-style Ale

Bruesicle: Mango Charms (2022)

Smoothie-style Ale
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Barrel-aged sour ale with mango, vegan marshmallows, and vanilla

Bruesicles are smoothie-style tart ales, crafted with loads of hand-processed fruit and designed to take your tastebuds on the perfect summer vacation. True to The Bruery Terreux style, the base beer is barrel-aged and loaded with complexities.

This iteration uses a magical combination of flavors, mango and vegan marshmallows, for a tropical smoothie like nothing you’ve tasted before.

    • 4-pack of 16oz. cans
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    Beer Style
    Smoothie-style Ale
    Mango, Marshmallow, Vanilla
    Sweet, Tart, Tropical