Black Tuesday Variant Set - 5% Off

Mixed Pack

Black Tuesday Variant Set - 5% Off

Mixed Pack
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In a skyline filled with towering barrel-aged stouts, the elegant simplicity of Black Tuesday continues to shine the brightest. This imperial stout was aged in choice bourbon barrels for over a year, developing complexity and flavors like nothing you’ve tasted before. We then turn it up a notch by adding some fan-favorite ingredients to give you something even more interesting.

This set features one 750-ml. bottle each of the following:

Chocolate Rain (2021) --- 20.2% ABV

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cacao nibsa and vanilla beans

The reign of Black Tuesday was destined to grow with the creation of Chocolate Rain. This decidedly decadent version of our bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout was treated with TCHO cacao nibs and juicy, fresh vanilla beans. Rich in chocolate and vanilla, with hints of oak, it truly puts the “imperial” in imperial stout.

Grey Monday (2021) --- 19% ABV

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with hazelnuts

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Initially created for a gastronomy dinner in 2012, Grey Monday was an appreciative complement to our hosts' epicurean craft. An ease to the Monday blues, this decadent treatment of Black Tuesday features Oregon-grown hazelnuts. Toasty and nutty characters play off bold yet smooth complexity in this bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. Pair with inspiration to evolve your craft this week!

Mocha Wednesday (2021) --- 19.1% ABV

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cacao nibs and coffee

Decadent and rich, Mocha Wednesday is the perfect midweek pick-me-up. Layers of artisan dark chocolate from San Francisco’s TCHO blend effortlessly with bold, small-batch roasted coffee from San Diego’s Mostra Coffee. Sweet spice from bourbon barrel-aging makes this hump day treat one to sip, savor, and enjoy.

Aloha Friday (2021) --- 19.2% ABV

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with toasted coconut and macadamia nuts

Aloha Friday deserves to be much more than just another ‘wear-your-brightest-floral-print-shirt-to-work’ day. This bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout serves up notes of perfectly-toasted, golden brown coconut shavings and island-worthy macadamia nuts lounging on a smooth base of bourbon character. Unwind and welcome in the weekend with a bottle of paradise. Ke aloha!


  • Includes 4 x 750-ml. bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation
  • 5% Discount Already Included


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