Black Tuesday Barrel Variant Set - 5% Off

Mixed Pack

Black Tuesday Barrel Variant Set - 5% Off

Mixed Pack
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In a skyline filled with towering barrel-aged stouts, the elegant simplicity of Black Tuesday continues to shine the brightest. This imperial stout was aged in choice barrels for over a year, developing complexity and flavors like nothing you’ve tasted before.

This set features one 750-ml. bottle each of the following:

Black Tuesday - American Oak Barrel-Aged (2022) --- 19.1% ABV

American oak barrel-aged imperial stout

Nuanced complexity with a new spin. If you enjoyed our 2021 Still Black Tuesday, you’ll appreciate its counterpart, Black Tuesday AO. We took the same batch of Black Tuesday and aged it for three years in American Oak puncheons, regularly tasting it to track its progress as it developed its own unique flavor profile and complexities. When we finally deemed it ready to go, it was carbonated, bottled, and labeled, and now it’s yours to enjoy.

Black Tuesday - Rye Barrel-Aged (2022) --- 20.2% ABV

Rye barrel-aged imperial stout

This barrel variant of Black Tuesday was aged in premium Rye barrels for 24 months, never seeing time in bourbon barrels. Enjoy familiar notes of dark fruit, vanilla, and wood, elevated further with hints of spice and pepper character unique to the Rye barrels. Often blended in as a key piece of past projects, we’re excited to let Rye barrel-aged Black Tuesday shine on its own for the first time. Pour a glass for you and one for a friend, pair with dark chocolates, and enjoy.

Black Tuesday - Scotch Barrel-Aged (2022) --- 17.7% ABV

Scotch barrel-aged imperial stout

We’re revisiting fan-favorite Scotch Barrel-Aged Black Tuesday from our 2021 Black Tuesday Barrel Series Box. After 18 months of aging in choice Speyside Scotch barrels, we aged it for an additional 12 months for this release. Big aromas of dark chocolate and dark fruit rise from the glass, followed by a light peatiness on the palate from time spent in barrels. Notes of roast, dark chocolate, and caramel round out the beer. Share with friends and enjoy.


  • Includes 3 x 750-ml. bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve
  • 5% Discount Already Included


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