Black Tuesday (2023) - 375-ml. (3 pack)

Imperial Stout

Black Tuesday (2023) - 375-ml. (3 pack)

Imperial Stout
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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Elegant, innovative, complex: Black Tuesday provides a uniquely elevated beer-drinking experience unlike any other. Rich, complex flavor from time spent aging in bourbon barrels mingles effortlessly with distinct notes of crème brûlée, poached figs, and milk chocolate. Surprisingly smooth at 19.5% ABV, this is a beer you won’t soon forget.

  • 3 x 375-ml. Bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation
  • Member Release Date: 10.10.23
  • Public Release Date: 10.24.23
  • Public Pickup/Shipping Deadline: 12.31.23


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