Will Ube Mine? (3-Pack)

Will Ube Mine? (3-Pack)

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Oak barrel-aged sour ale with ube flavor, vanilla, and graham cracker flavor

Goses Are Red, ube is… purple? We’ll skip the poetry and stick with delicious sour beers. Inspired by the much-loved Terreux Bae and the earthy-sweet flavors of ube pie, we added flavors of ube and Graham cracker along with vanilla to this sour ale, resulting in a slightly savory, slighty tart treat worth savoring.

  • 3 x 375-ml. Bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation
  • Hoarders Society access begins: 2.6.24
  • Reserve Society access begins: 2.7.24
  • Preservation Society access begins: 2.8.24


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