West Coast DIPA


West Coast DIPA
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Double West Coast IPA

Experience innovation with A.I.P.A, a groundbreaking collaboration with AE Studio, driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence. This brew showcases AI’s precision, crafting a recipe by referencing and optimizing our brewing database and laboratory sensory scores. From hop selection to brewing time, AI’s creativity helped ensure a truly unique beer. Mesmerizing can art, inspired by past Offshoot can designs, reflects limitless AI creativity. In fact, every word in this description was drafted by AI. The epitome of innovation and collaboration, A.I.P.A merges technology and artistry for an exceptional tasting experience. Raise your glass to A.I.P.A’s irresistible allure—the future of AI-inspired excellence.

Learn more about the fusion of AI and traditional brewing in this project here.

About the collaborators: AE Studio built the AI that brewed A.I.P.A. Futuristic user experiences powered by machine learning are their forte, and their best-of-the-best software devs, data scientists, and designers ready to change the face of any industry with AI.

  • 4-Pack of 16oz. Cans
  • This item is not available for cellaring


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