Wild and Fruity Gift Pack

Wild and Fruity Gift Pack

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This set features three of our favorite expressions of fruit released by The Bruery Terreux this year. Featuring two returning favorites and a new treatment of an old classic. Includes the following:

  • Three 750-ml. Bottles (One each of Filmishimish, Frambulous, and Oude Tart with Huckleberry)
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Filmishmish (2020)

Sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels with apricots

An Arabic term for "when the apricots bloom," Filmishmish is a sour blonde ale with apricots that balances the crisp tartness of a well-crafted sour ale with noted of fresh apricot jam and oak. This ale skillfully turns "wishful thinking" into "wishful doing."

Frambulous (2020)

Sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries

Paying homage to the classic Framboise style, this blended sour blonde ale's clean, bubbly characteristics pair brightly with notes of fruity tartness thanks to perfectly-ripened raspberries. Matured in oak barrels, the deliciousness of simplicity shines through Frambulous.

Oude Tart with Huckleberry

Flemish-style red ale aged in oak barrels with huckleberry

Oude Tart is a Flemish-style red ale aged in oak barrels for up to 18 months. This version has had Huckleberries added for the final stages of barrel-aging. The final compilation is pleasantly sour with hints of leather, dark fruit, juicy huckleberries and toasty oak.

  • Contains three 750-ml. Bottles
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