The Belgian Collection

Mixed Pack

The Belgian Collection

Mixed Pack

15 years ago, The Bruery began as a small brewhouse specializing in Belgian-style beers. From recipe inspiration and ingredient choices to packaging into 750mL bottles, many of our founding details were inspired by Belgian tradition in brewing. Though we’ve grown our catalog in the years since, we’ve never lost our love or skill for a delicious Belgian-style beer.

The Belgian Collection was crafted in tribute to those original Belgian-inspired recipes. These 4 bottles represent 15 years of practice, hundreds of collective years of experience, and the support of millions of beer fans.  Grab the entire set for 6% off of the retail value of the individual bottles.

Dubbeling Down
Belgian-style Dubbel ale | 7.5% ABV
Let’s dive into the history book, shall we? Belgian beers are what The Bruery was founded on; Dubbeling Down is a classic Belgian-style Dubbel ale crafted in tribute to our Belgian-inspired history. Enjoy aromas of dark fruit, slight spice, and rich caramel from toasted malts and yeast, and light bitterness from delicate hop character. This is one for the books!

A Gust of Wind
Belgian-style Tripel ale | 8.4% ABV
Tradition and innovation are built into The Bruery’s DNA, and this traditionally-inspired Belgian-style Tripel ale, made with a recipe adapted from one of our very first releases, Trade Winds, is no exception. A Gust Of Wind derives much of its flavor from careful yeast selection, giving rich spice notes and subtle fruit character. Enjoy a malty sweetness with a gust of spice, finished with a balanced amount of hops.

Come Together
Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style Quadrupel ale | 15.2% ABV
One thing I can tell you is you got to… try this Belgian-style quad, because man oh man it’s gooood. We blended two of our favorite bourbon barrel-aged quadrupel ales to taste, crafting the perfect rich, malty flavor you’d expect of a quad. Tradition meets innovation— we just do as we please!

Oak barrel-aged imperial sour ale with cherries | 7.8% ABV
Consider this our Terreux-esque take on Belgian-based Brouwerij Rodenbach’s iconic Flanders red. We added sweet and tart cherries to our oak barrel-aged imperial sour ale to mimic the sour cherry flavor of Rodenbach Alexander. Tart, sweet, oaky, and delicious, this traditional-ish beer is not to be missed.

  • 4 x 750-ml. Bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation, Public


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