Which membership do I choose?


Select West if you plan to pick up at our location in CA or you plan to ship your beer within CA. Choose East if you’d prefer to pick up in D.C. or ship to one of our shipping-eligible states – D.C., ND, NH, OH, PA, VA, and VT.

Why the difference? Your choice of West or East determines where your product is shipped from due to shipping rates, inventory, and other logistics. This helps save you (and us) time and money so you can enjoy your beer faster.


We make a LOT of beer, and we want to make sure you’re getting access to your favorites! If you prefer to stick to barrel-aged stouts, barleywines, ales, and the like, Barrel-Aged is for you. If you’d like some tart and funky options mixed in with the barrel-aged stuff, choose Mixed.

What if I want more? Your choice of Barrel-Aged or Mixed only determines your included beer (1 bottle per month for Reserve Society, up to 2 bottles per month for Hoarders Society). You still have access to purchase additional bottles from that month’s releases, from which you can get whatever sounds best!