Fulfillment Deadline for Cellared Beers

When is the last day to fulfill my cellar items?

If you're picking up in CA, the last day to pick-up any 2023 purchases is Sunday, March 3rd 2024.  If you are picking up in D.C., the last day to pick-up 2023 purchases is Friday, January 19th, however the last day to have your beer shipped to you is Friday March 1st, 2024.

What items in my cellar are subject to the 2023 deadline?

Any and all items that were either included in your 2023 membership or purchased during the 2023 calendar year

I can’t make it to the Fulfillment Center before the deadline, can I have an extension?

Because of the extremely limited warehouse space available and the fact that we now offer shipping to 47 states (meaning you can have your cellar items shipped at any time), we are not accommodating extension requests for the 2023 deadline

Can I have my cellar items shipped to someone else or have another person pick them up for me?

Absolutely! You will have the option to enter a new shipping address for your order at checkout and someone can pick up for you as long as they have your confirmation order number

If I want to pick up my cellar items at your Fulfillment Center, how far in advance should I place my cellar request order?

Due to the high volume of cellar request orders we receive during the deadline season, we ask that you place your cellar request order 5 business days before your planned arrival date to ensure our team can successfully fulfill your order

What happens if I don’t fulfill my cellar items before the deadline date?

All 2023 cellar items not fulfilled by the deadline date are subject to forfeiture (permanent loss) and removal from the virtual cellar by our site team. We do not want to forfeit anyones beer, so please reach out to us so we can assist!

I can’t request one of the items from my cellar…

Please reach out to us at society@thebruery.com and we will assist with your inquiry

If I just signed up for the membership or renewed for 2024, does my cellar “roll over” to the next year?

No. Regardless of 2024 membership status, all 2023 cellar items are required to be fulfilled by the deadline date

I have over $200 worth of items in my virtual cellar. Why does my order not qualify for free shipping?

Our free shipping promotions are meant for non-cellared and newly purchased items only. The inherent costs on our end to offer the cellar option throughout the year negates our ability to provide shipping promotions for these items in addition to new orders.

Can I pick my order(s) up at the Tasting Room if the Fulfillment Center is closed?
If you placed your order in advance and you received an email stating that the order was ready for pick up (PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT your confirmation email, which you receive right after placing your order), then our Tasting Room staff will be able to assist in fulfilling your order(s). If no cellar request order was placed or it has not been marked Ready for Pick Up at the time of arrival, your order may not be available for fulfillment.