Where does The Bruery deliver?

We currently offer delivery in CA, DC, ND, NH, OH, PA, VA, and VT. 

$15 Loakal Delivery options are available in Orange County, CA, Los Angeles County, CA, Northern VA, and the District of Columbia. 

Orders outside of our Loakal Delivery Zones are delivered via partner providers GLS and UPS.

Due to state regulations we can only ship the following amounts of beers to PA, VA, and NH. Purchases that exceed these amounts may be cancelled. 

  • Virginia - 2 CEs per month per customer 
  • Pennsylvania - 192 oz per month and 96 oz per brand per month
  • New Hampshire - the equivalent of 12 750ml bottles per month, per customer
  • North Dakota - 288 oz. per month, per customer
  • Ohio - 288 oz. per month, per customer and no more than 24 cases per year per family
  • Virginia - the equivalent of two cases per month, per customer