What should I be posting about?

When I was in the initial phases of starting The Bruery, this blog was a great way for me to bitch and complain.  Today, I don’t have much to bitch and complain about.  Well… I always have things to complain about, but the blog isn’t the greatest medium for my bitching these days.

Many people discovered The Bruery from this blog, and I want to keep it a source of information about beer and share how I started a brewery.  I’d like to gather some comments on this and see what you’d like me or anyone at The Bruery to write about.  Post away and let me know what you’d like to know.
Potential topics I was thinking about because they are relevant to what I’m currently doing (some may be interesting to a general audience, some are extremely dry but useful to aspiring brewery owners):
— Choosing Distributors
— Expansion (Space, capacity, and employees)
— Barrel aging / approach to flavor
— Merchandise
— Guide to getting a job in a brewery
— A Checklist to State and Federal Regulations
— Taxes
— A Guide to Successful Delegation (I wish I could find a good source on this right now!)
— Importance of tasting rooms / tours in production breweries
— The Bruery in 10 Years: How Big is Too Big?

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