Wet Hops

If you know The Bruery, you know we don’y make many particularly hoppy beers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love ourselves some classic west coast IPA’s.  Right now, the beginning of September, is hop harvest season and we couldn’t resist getting our hands on some fresh hops.  Yesterday morning a truck dropped off about 60 pounds of fresh Citra hops picked just for us.  We’re going to use these in a fresh hop ale that will soon grace the draft lines at our tasting room.  In a few days, we have another shipment of 60 pounds of hops coming in, this time of Chinook hops and we’ll be using those to dry hop the heck out of this beer.  Though is it really called dry hopping when you are using wet hops?  That’s a question for the hop gods.
We definitely can’t wait to try this one, but don’t fret, it’s not an IPA.  We’ve still never made an IPA.

The label on the box of hops picked just for THE BRUERY!!


Cleaning all of these hops out of the whirlpool is not going to be fun.  Neither will getting the hops out of the boil kettle.  Or the fermenter.  But it’s worth it.

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