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Not entirely related to starting up a brewery, I’m a candidate for the American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee. The Governing Committee acts like a board of directors for the AHA, and it would be a huge honor to be a member of it. I’m up against a group of great homebrewers and leaders, but there’s four spots open and ten candidates, so my chances could be worse. If you’re an AHA member, and think I’d be a good fit, please vote for me!

Vote by April 2nd:

My personal statement (also on

Like most AHA members and unlike most of the other candidates, I am not a celebrity brewer. I’m not a Brewcaster™, I haven’t written any books, and I don’t have a single brewing-related invention to my name. If you recognize my name, you’re probably mistaken. Despite my lack of notoriety, I would be an excellent addition to the AHA Governing Committee. Beer is an important part of my life. I homebrew four batches per month, and I am currently pursuing my dream of opening a craft brewery in Southern California. I am an experienced leader as Vice President of my homebrew club BrewCommune, and I am also a BJCP Certified Judge. As for general qualities, I am an extremely organized, analytical, motivated person. I’ve been told I am an excellent communicator. Also somewhat related to beer, I am a recent law school graduate. As you might imagine, I drank a lot beer to get through it! During this experience, homebrewing was a source of joy, comfort and most importantly a diversion from the drudgery of law school. Once I graduated, it was all too apparent that my calling in life is as a brewer.
Regardless, I believe my legal experience would be helpful in achieving several goals I’d like to pursue as a member of the AHA Governing Committee. If elected, I would use my position to advocate the change of arbitrary laws at the state level that hinder homebrewing and the appreciation of craft beer. As an organization that represents a significant population of craft beer enthusiasts, the AHA is in the perfect position to be a catalyst for such important changes. I am also very interested in assisting with expanding the AHA Pub Discount Program, the National Homebrew Competition, or anything that supports the AHA.

I believe homebrewing to be the main source of innovation in craft beer, and I plan to devote my life to furthering it, whether I am elected to the AHA Governing Committee or not. It would be my sincere honor and pleasure to serve you.

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