today at The Bruery

I feel like we’ve fallen off of the wagon a bit when it comes to what this blog used to focus on, the daily happenings at The Bruery, so we’re going to try to bring back that aspect of the blog and hopefully let you in on a bit of what happens in the day to day at a craft brewery that has now been open for just short of 2 years.
It was actually an atypical day today. As we now have a bigger crew of both brewers and office staff, we’ve had to expand our real estate a tiny bit. We were able to lease an office a few doors down from the one we currently reside in (which is just the front portion of the brewery) so that our office staff can have desks instead of working on laptops that literally reside on their laps. So today, our staff was split into two offices for the first time. The brewing staff was busy bottling Saison De Lente for the Spring release as well as creating a new limited release concoction intended for a Valentine’s weekend release in just a few SoCal locations. The office staff was busy painting the new office space to make it a bit more hospitable.
While we’ll only be separated by about 70 yards, it’s definitely going to be weird for part of The Bruery staff to be in one office and part in another, but I’m sure we’ll adjust qu
ickly and all will work out for the best.
Here are a few photos from the today.
Jonas and Rachel helping paint the new office space.

Patrick oranging up the new reception area (not that we have a receptionist)

Tyler syphoning out that special Valentine’s release.

Travis prepping the lines for love.

That’s one ridiculous color for a beer. Looks like love.

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