The Return of KOGI – plus Holiday Gift Baskets now available!

It’s been a little under a month since the Kogi BBQ Korean Taco Truck first parked outside the Tasting Room.  We’ve been craving their sweet and savory offering ever since, and this Saturday night, we can satisfy that need!  

You can find the Kogi truck at The Bruery on Saturday night from 6:30 – 9 pm.  We heard about some great beer & BBQ pairings the last time around, so I’m looking forward to what comes up this time!  

Also, with Thanksgiving coming quickly, we’ll be selling holiday gift baskets for the beer geek in your life starting this weekend.  These baskets will come in two different themes – autumn and winter – and will come with 1, 2, or 3 bottles as well as some other goodies (hints: chocolate, glasses, more!).  We will have some ready made for pick up or if you’d like you can order a basket for pick up later.  They will vary a bit, but they’ll look a little something like this…

You may even be the lucky one to win a free basket!  We’ll be holding a drawing for a free basket that you can enter just by making any take home purchase.  When you buy a bottle or growler of any beer, we’ll give you an entry form for the drawing.  We may just pull your name out of the hat (or box?)!

Don’t forget, you can still get your Bruery Reserve membership; they’re on sale at the Tasting Room.  Come in, sign up, andtake home bottles of White Oak, 2 Turtle Doves, and a special Barrel-Aged seasonal that day! 

See you this weekend!

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