The Project is under way

Seems like we can’t go more than 8 months or so here at The Bruery without taking on a new construction project of some sort. Whether it was building our brewery from the ground up, simply painting the walls and moving in desks to new office space or reconfiguring and building a retail store on our own, we seem to always be busy.
These past few weeks have been no different. We signed the lease on our new warehouse location, affectionately known around here as “The Grove” due to it’s street address on Grove Ave, just a few weeks back, but construction has been moving along furiously. The floors were redone and resealed, the insulation in the warehouse was completely redone so that we can cool our barrels efficiently, offices were painted and some of the ceilings were ripped out and repainted in order to give it that cool and trendy ‘industrial’ feel. Funny that we had to change something in a warehouse office space to make it even more industrial…but it’s beginning to look very cool. Besides having enough warehouse space to efficiently store close to 3,000 oak barrels in our current configuration plan (more if we decide to change some of our original thoughts), but the office space is big enough to house a staff about 3 times larger than the one we currently have. It’s going to take some getting used to this whole concept of “personal space.”
Anyhow…we just wanted to let you know that things are going well with the expansion and Project Quercus Maximus and also let you know that we plan on updating our blog a whole lot more in the coming months. We know it’s been left to die a bit, but we hope to resurrect it with information on what’s going on around here as well as other cool things about the craft industry, beer and beyond.

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