The Bruery Supper Club A Society Experience

Through the years, our beer has become an integral part of many special moments, sparking conversation behind the concepts, delighting inquisitive minds, and celebrating those special moments in life. This concept inspired the birth of The Bruery Supper Club.

The Supper Club is an invite-only Society experience, tying together the world of our flavor-forward beers, culinary expertise, The Bruery team members, and the community of the biggest beer aficionados around. Curated by our world-class brewing team and world-renowned chefs, this collaboration is an experience we’re proud of. Our beers have always been inspired by taste, and we couldn’t think of a better way to showcase their myriad of flavors than by complimenting them with an expertly paired menu, and of course amazing company.

The Supper Club launched earlier this year to a select group of Society members at Playground Restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana. Working with General Manager Jarred Dooley, this massive success set us up for our latest, but not last dinner—  The Supper Club at Harley in Laguna Beach

Through this unique collaboration with Chef Greg Daniels, we shared a journey of flavor through a 5-course dinner with The Bruery team members and Society enthusiasts.

  • First course: A refreshing watermelon salad paired with Are Red, a rosé-inspired with syrah grapes. The nuances of the syrah grapes perfectly complemented the sweetness of the watermelon with a tart and slightly salty finish from the -style beer.

  • Second course: Included scallops in brown butter with pistachio and lavender paired with LXXV, a puncheon-aged mixed culture ale and a collaboration with NOLA Brewing. The bright notes from the lavender and the tartness from the beer perfectly complemented the rich flavors from the scallops.

  • Third course: I chicken crusted with honey infused cereal and was paired with Mash & French Toast. The combination of rich and toasty, sweet and savory complimented each other seamlessly.

  • Fourth course: Society members also enjoyed venison loin in a juniper jus with rosemary potatoes paired with Elizabeth Rutherford, our Black Tuesday imperial stout aged with Napa Cabernet grapes. The big and bold flavors of Black Tuesday and the Napa Cab grapes in this beer-wine hybrid played beautifully with the lean and rich flavors of the venison.

  • Fifth course: A delightful selection of chocolate desserts including a chocolate meringue and chocolate blackberry mousse paired with Acier, our anniversary bourbon barrel-aged old ale. The big toffee and vanilla notes from the beer perfectly complemented the rich and sweet chocolate flavors from this well-rounded dessert.

These two dinners are just the beginning, as we plan to take this Supper Club on the road. The next Supper Club will be held at Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco on Tuesday, August 27, with Patrick Rue and Vice President of Brewing, Darren Moser, in attendance. 

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