The Bruery. Facebook. Discuss!

Now that our Facebook page is up and running and some of you have become fans, we can utilize the discussion boards as a forum to talk all things Bruery and beer.

We’ve taken the liberty of beginning a few threads, including a discussion about distribution and where Bruery beer is available to you. 

Also, for all you homebrewers and anyone who’s interested in learning a little more about the process of brewing, we’ve added an “Ask the Brewer” thread in which our very own brewers will be available to answer your questions.  So whether you’ve hit a snag with your own recipe or you just want to know how we brew your favorite Bruery beer, this is a good place to visit. 

You can also start your own threads on anything you may be interested in, so look us up on Facebook and let us know what kinds of beer related topics you’d like to talk about!

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