Tasting Room Update: 10/15/08

Starting this weekend, there will be many exciting/delicious events in our tasting room.  Here’s the DL-
OktoBRUEfest- this Saturday, October 18th
Break out those lederhosen or practice your Sprockets dance– we are bringing Bavaria to you!  Come this Saturday for The Bruery’s take on Oktoberfest.  Snack on some delicious Bruery inspired German food prepared by The Bruery Chef Anthony Latteri.  We will be tapping our LAST keg of Hottenroth Berliner Weisse which will go down faster than the Dow Jones!  It will be uber (read: ooh-beer) cool.
Beer Geek Show-and-Tell Saturday, October 25th
We are no dummies- we know The Bruery’s beer isn’t the only beer you drink.   As much as we love our beer, we do enjoy partaking in the fruits of other brewery’s labor as well.  Here at The Bruery, we strive to remind those of the principles and values expounded to us in grammar school, such as “sharing is caring.”  Thus was the creation of Beer Geek Show-and-Tell.  On this day, if you are so inclined, please bring one bomber/750ml/ 2-12oz bottles of special craft/exceptional home brewed beer to share.  By the way sharing equals having the beer served by the tasting room staff- please don’t just bring it for everyone just to look at and drool, that’s not nice.   This is also a lesson in quid pro quo= only those who bring beer can partake in the sharing.  Don’t worry, we will be bringing something special as well.
Halloween Night @ The Bruery- Friday, October 31st
Why should kids have all the fun trick-or-treating on Halloween night?  Come to The Bruery to get your treats on Old Hallow’s Eve.  We will open at 2 like normal, for those of you who like to cut out early from work on Fridays.  However, the Beer-witching hours will be from 6-11pm that evening.  During that time, those who show up in costumes will receive 1 free pint of Imperial Orchard White.  Sorry- dressing up as a Bruery employee does not count.  
We may not put pumpkin in our beer, but we do put beer in our pumpkin.  At 6pm, we will tap a special pumpkin cask of the Autumn Maple.  A costume contest will occur at 8pm (you have to be there to win), with prizes for the winner.  There will be many more spooky surprises that evening, so be sure to make it!
First Firkin Friday (aka F cubed)- Friday, November 7th
Hopefully by now you have experienced F-cubed, and look forward to the first friday of every month like children do for Santa Claus.  Our next tapping in the series will be on Friday, November 7th.  The beer de jour?  Our Humulus Gold- a hoppy golden strong ale.  Yep, that’s a new beer, so you better be the first to try it so you can be the cool kid and tell all your friends!
AHA Rally- Saturday, November 15th
I know this one is 1 month (or approc. 100 beers in beer-time) away, but this one is a biggie.  We will be hosting a crazy awesome rally for AHA- American Homebrewer’s Association.  More info definitely to come on this one.  For now, just start the count down, OK?
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