Summer Camp Crafts with our Bruers: Cambria’s DIY Floating Beer Bar

While swimming around in Mexico/tubing down the Owen’s River/floating on Lake Isabella, I needed a way to have my beverage float alongside me while I was in the water. Most of the time I’d just hold it, but sometimes you need to have your hands free to use a squirt gun on someone. It seemed like an obvious solution to this problem was simple: add some stabilization to my already buoyant beer koozie. Now the only problem I faced was that I hadn’t come up with a way to do it myself … yet.

This project involes two main parts: a koozie and a float the koozie sits in. You can opt to attach the float it to your koozie with glue, or just slip it on without glue so you can adjust the buoyancy of the whole thing as you empty your beverage. Your float will be a looser fit depending on how big you cut your holes.

Supplies & tools needed:
1 ⅜” thick foam can koozie
3 sheets of 12″ x 18″ foam paper
1 manila folder (or card stock, cardboard)
spray glue (or something that will dry waterproof)

X-acto knife
A delicious craft beverage

Step 1: Trace & Cut

Create your template for your float. Draw any balanced shape with rotational symmetry that is at least 9″ wide on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. It’s important to use a shape that’s very balanced and symmetrical so it’s more stable in the water. Think flowers, stars, a big circle. Here’s a jpg of a star you can print and trace.

Trace your shape onto all three layers of your foam paper.

Cut out each shape from your foam paper.On the foam paper that will be the top of your float, trace your koozie’s circumfrence in the very center and cut the hole out. Trace and cut the same hole into the next layer. You may need to cut each hole a little bit bigger that your koozie so the pieces easily fit around it without getting too stretched out.

Trace the hole shape into your bottom layer but don’t cut it out yet — this layer will be anchored to your koozie. Instead, cut tabs out from the center of the circle, as shown in the photos below.

Step 2: Assemble & Glue

Glue each of the layers together like a big sandwich, with the tabbed layer on the bottom. Let dry completely.

Slip your float onto the koozie so it sits about 2/3 of the way up to koozie. Glue the tabs to the koozie, or if you want an adjustable float, you’re done!

Step 3: Add Beer & Water

Now you can put your favorite beverage in your floating koozie and let it sail alongside you at your next pool session.

For some bonus steps, use an X-acto knife and cut designs into your layers of foam paper, or use different colors in your stack. You could also make a lilypad and stick it on there, or try some more advanced shapes, like a sun. Or radioactive symbol. Or ninja star. Or a hop cone? If you don’t want to share your beer with your pool friends, you could even stick a leash on it.

So where’s the rest of the floating bar, you ask? Finish off your afternoon by making this floating cooler to hold all your unopened beers, too.

While working on this project it was necessary to test it out with a beer actually in the koozie. Luckily we had a can of Beavertown’s Neck Oil Session IPA handy. While performing the pool test, I sipped on one of my all time favorite beers from The Bruery: Loakal Red.

Post by Cambria Griffith, our Social Media & Marketing Manager, and ruthless self-promoter since she’s posting about herself right now. Cambria has been nerding out on craft beer online since 2009 (both for fun and for dollar bills).

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