Stone 12th Anniversary

A recap on a festival that happened a few weeks ago, but is certainly not old news–
The Stone Anniversary Festival was pretty fantastic for us.  We brought every beer we’ve released so far (Orchard White, Black Orchard, Saison Rue, Trade Winds Tripel, Batch No. 1 – Levud’s, Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch No. 1 – Levud’s, Hottenroth Berliner Weisse, and Humulus Bruin).  We went through 84 gallons of beer; not a minor feat.
The reason this festival was so great was that many of the people coming up to our booth did not know about The Bruery.  We were able to meet them personally, explain who we are and what we do, and have them try our beers.  I think we might have a few new customers now.
It was also great to talk to people who have been supportive of us since we started– old homebrewing friends, fellow BeerAdvocates / RateBeerians, and Southern California brewers.
The folks at Stone did an amazing job organizing the festival.  I was overwhelmed by the coordination and helpfulness of everyone working.  When we arrived, everything for the festival was unloaded from my truck onto a golf cart, and was driven off to my booth.  Not having to drag around a few jockey boxes, Co2 containers, and our fairly heavy new portable bar made the day all that much better.
We’re looking forward to the 13th Anniversary!

The line for Barrel Aged Batch No. 1– sorry to those who patiently waited and didn’t get any!

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