Special Release Beers for our St. Veronus Celebration!

Our St. Veronus Celebration is almost here!  As promised we’ll be releasing some new beers for the event, and oh man are they exciting!

First, Melange #3 is a complex blend of three unreleased bourbon barrel aged beers, including our Black Tuesday Imperial Stout, White Oak Wheat Wine, and Papier, our 1st Anniversary beer (an Old Ale).  Weighing in at 15% ABV, and layered with flavor, this is a special release you won’t want to miss.  Some of you may have had the opportunity to sample this one at the Tasting Room, and now you can come and fully enjoy it.
Another beer we’ll be premiering is our Cuvee Jeune.  This is a Young American Wild Ale fermented with traditional Lambic flora and then aged in Chardonnay barrels, finishing at approximately 6.5% ABV.
Last but not least, we’ll be serving White Zin.  Nope, not the wine.  It’s a beer for which we’ve blended that Cuvee Juene with our Zinbier, a Belgian blonde fermented with almost 1000 lbs of zinfandel grapes.  It’s approximately 7.5% ABV and will be available for the first time this weekend.
Hopefully this news has you even more excited for this weekend’s event, I know we sure are!  See you there!

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