Space is leased!

Things are finally happening– I leased 715 Dunn Way in Placentia today. It’s a little over 5,000 s.f., most of which is warehouse space. You can see it from the freeway off the Orangethorpe exit. This afternoon I hired an architect, a contractor, filed the preliminary applications with the city for a business license and a certificate of occupancy, made an appointment with the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) to file my application, chose a liability insurance company, and did a few other things to get the ball rolling.

If everything goes perfectly, brewing will start in August and we’ll start selling in September. Things usually don’t go perfectly, so my budget reflects we’ll start selling beer in December. I look forward to posting more often to write about what I’m doing. Hopefully it’ll be of interest to those who are and/or will be my friends and customers, as well as those who are interested in starting a brewery and are just as clueless as I was/am.


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