Small Bottle, Small Test

In the upcoming weeks and months, you may see smaller bottles of our beer popping up in select markets. Your eyes do not deceive you — they are real. We’re doing a pilot program of these 375mL bottles in a just a few targeted places so we can gather feedback and data on potentially adjusting our packaging formats. At the end of this small trial, we might make more permanent updates to our packaging, or do absolutely nothing. It just depends on how it all goes.

We’re posting this quick blog about this for a couple reasons. Reason one: we didn’t want to just drop these bottles in the market without providing some context on what’s going on. We wanted to be transparent and let our fans know this isn’t any kind of big, formal, permanent change at this point. Reason two: we thought it would be kind of weird to walk into a beer shop and see a mini bottle of ours without us confirming that it’s actually something we made!

In the coming months, a handful of our beers in smaller 375mL bottles will be on sale in select markets, at our Tasting Rooms, and available to members of our Societies. If you’re reading this in northern and southern California, Virginia, Colorado, and the Dallas-Fort Worth regions of Texas, you may be seeing these beers in a bottle shop near you. We picked these areas for a couple reasons. One of the compelling reasons was data collection. Our distribution team can see data pretty clearly in those areas, which will enable us to make a more informed decision moving forward.

At this time, we plan to test a small variety of Bruery Terreux selections of varying prices in the 375mL bottles. This is partly because our packaging line at Bruery Terreux could adapt to 375s a little more easily than changing over our bigger packaging line at The Bruery.

Why even try this out? As you probably guessed, changing our bottle size (even for a small test) is a pretty big project. But we’ve been listening to you, to our Society Members, to our distributors, and to the retailers that carry our product. We’ve been chatting about it, researching it, and seeing the market change. We’ve thought about doing this in the past, albeit with mixed emotions, but only in more recent history have we garnered enough resources to actually go ahead and try this out. At the same time, we’ve also heard feedback about keeping our bottle sizes the way they are. During this test of smaller bottles, our larger format bottles will remain a part of our portfolio. We’ll be looking at how our larger 750mL bottles perform during this time as well.

So here it goes. Let us know what you think about the possibility of a new size!

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