Save the Date: Barrel-Aged Beer Day Returns October 6

The return of Barrel-Aged Beer Day is upon us! For this global holiday, we honor the people, passion and time invested in creating beautiful, barrel-aged beers.

In the shadows of our cellar, thousands of wooden vessels are resting quietly. The sweet scent of oak lingers in the air while the aroma of fine spirits swirls about the towers of barrels and wood. Bourbon barrel-aged stouts, wine barrel-aged sours, oak-aged tarts rest for months, to years, to form flavorful medleys only made possible by the beauty of wood-aging. With the right beer, the perfect barrels, and a great deal of patience, barrel-aging creates a completely new ale and a new experience.

The Bruery, Bruery Terreux, and hundreds of breweries across the nation have a deep passion for creating beautiful, barrel-aged beers. What better way to celebrate than by enjoying the very beers we all worked so hard to create? Let’s go beyond simply pouring a refreshment, and use Barrel-Aged Beer Day as a global celebration of the very best our industry’s barrel whisperers have to offer.

On October 6, we encourage you to tap, tick, and taste your favorite barrel-aged beer experience. It’s the perfect time of year to dive deep into your cellar and share the beauty of the barrel with your friends and fellow beer lovers. Explore those lingering questions that form at first taste: what is that flavor? What did they age this beer with? Why is this oak-aged beer so good? Or, for those who’ve never tried a barrel-aged beer, Barrel-Aged Beer Day is the perfect time to learn what makes it so special.

Throughout the month, we will be anticipating the arrival Barrel-Aged Beer Day on our @BABeerDay account. Let your friends and colleagues know about this special day with the hashtag #BABeerDay on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be sharing our own thoughts on barrel-aging process, what our favorite barrel-aged beer styles are, and what kind of barrel-aged beers you can enjoy from The Bruery & Bruery Terreux. Appropriate content may also be reposted by @thebruery and @brueryterreux handles, reaching nearly 250K barrel-loving fans!

Promote your own #BABeerDay activity and help share the word with some assets available here.

Our breweries have several fun happenings planned around the holiday, including an official #BABeerDay beer release, archive bottle sales, an Untappd badge, special events at GABF, the arrival of Black Tuesday, and more to come. We’ll be sharing more details on @thebruery and @brueryterreux social media in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can find The Bruery & Bruery Terreux bottles near you by using our Beer Locator, or purchase them directly from us at (for pickup and CA shipping).

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