Recipe: Daniel’s Smoked & Savory Grey Monday Wild Boar Shanks

When Daniel sent in his directions for making your own delicious-and-simple-yet-time-intensive soaked & smoked wild boar shanks in your own backyard, we couldn’t help but share this one with you. And the fact that it requires we open up a little Grey Monday isn’t too shabby either. For honorable mention in our Holiday Cooking with Beer Recipe contest, enjoy Daniel Fernandez’s take on smoked shanks.

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750 ml (1 bottle) Grey Monday (minus a few sips for yourself)
3 gm tonka beans
3 gm star anise
6 gm organic cacao nibs
20 gm blood orange peel
30 gm molasses
43 gm kosher salt


Combine brine ingredients of 750ml beer, spices, molasses, blood orange peel, and kosher salt.

Quickly rinse shanks in plain salt brine and blot dry (to clean off excess blood).

Seal the shanks in foodsaver bags with as little air as you can manage. Put in the fridge and flip them occasionally until you’re done. These shanks took 12 hours.

Remove from brine, rinse, then cold dry for 12 hours.

Smoke shanks for 1 hour, or just long enough for the cherry wood to get a little smokey teeth into the meat.

Wrap the shanks in foil and into a 190° F oven for 12 to 16 hours.

Now you’re done. It literally falls off the bone.

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