Pucker Up for July, Sour Barrel Aged Beer Month

July means there’s a new dawn at The Bruery Tasting Room. Every month we are focusing on a particular beer genre with special events, tappings, archive keg releases, educational activities, new beer debuts, unique casks, randalls, flights and more.

The month of July brings us sour barrel aged beer insanity. We’re bringing out lots of treats from our special collection all month long including Tart of Darkness, Rueuze, bottles from our Vitis series and many more favorites that you will hardly ever see out there!

We’re thrilled to announce that Tart of Darkness will be going out for nationwide distribution starting this month, so keep an eye out for it at your favorite local spot that has Bruery beers. But even bigger than that is the return of Bottleworks XII!

Our collaboration with the Bottleworks beer store in Seattle was one of the most popular beers we’ve ever made. We agreed with the masses that it was delicious so the decision to make it again came eeeeeeeasily! This strong wit beer was soured while aging in oak barrels before we added raspberries to the beer for an added, tannic, fruity, most-excellent flavor. Bottleworks XII will be available for Reserve Society only to purchase starting 7/15, so keep an eye out for that email!

And now, onto our upcoming events for the month of July:

July 1: Our website Stress Test sale! Help us load the site with traffic so we can make sure we’re prepared for Black Tuesday later this year. We have a big selection of special beers we’re putting up for sale online to the public at The Bruery Store from 6-7PM tonight only.

Among other favorites, Otiose, our sour brown aged in oak with guava added, will be back out of the archives for this sale! You can view the full beer list on our Stress Test Facebook event page.

July 2: In the Tasting Room at 5PM we’ll have a Tart of Darkness preview for RS members, plus Tart of Darkness on vanilla & cacao for the public.

July 4: Hey, it’s our one year anniversary! Happy Anniversary to us and our staff!

July 5: First Firkin Friday Tart of Darkness on cacao & raspberry, our Salty Weiss gose release, and a visit from the Lime Truck. We had some fun with randall ideas last month, so we’re asking you again to tell us on Facebook what you’d like to see us put in a randall for Rueuze on July 9.

July 6: Chef Joe’s Tasting Spoon food truck pays us a visit

July 7: A Bite Truck is here

July 9: Vitis series flight night with Sour Grapes, Confession, Trois Poulet Francais, Oui Oui, and Pinotlambicus

July 10: Rueuze on the winning randall of your choice!

July 11: Tamarindo food truck is here

July 12: Seabirds food truck with tasty tacos and more

July 13: A Bite Truck is here

July 14: The Viking Truck brings their big sausages on by

July 15: For RS members only: BottleWorks XII 2011 & 2013 on draft

July 16: Sans Pagaie on cocoa & vanilla for the public!

July 17: We’re hosting a movie screening of Beer Hunter: The Movie plus an “Around the World Flight” as inspired by the travels of the infamuous Michael Jackson (not that one, the beer writer one!)

Flight includes: Bierbauch (Germany), Filmishmish (Lebanon), Gunga Galunga (Thailand), Ichigo Highway (Japan), Saison Rue (Belgium).

We’ll also have a firkin of our new Cherry Oude Tart with even more cherries added, and don’t forget to tell us on Facebook what kind of randall you want to see Tart of Darkness pulled through!

July 18: Cigar City Pairing! Try Marrón Acidifié and ISO:FT together, plus the Sexy Burger food truck is bringing the bangin’ burgs.

July 19: Tart of Darkness on draft for the public

July 20: The Viking Truck returns

July 21: A Bite Truck is back

July 22: Or Xata on draft for RS members only. This is our highly anticipated horchata-inspired beer made with cinnamon and vanilla. Though it’s obviously not a barrel aged sour, it’s one of our new brews that we are very excited to be releasing this month!

And for those of you up north, check us out in Seattle at The Sixgill for a beer dinner with Tyler on this date. More details will be posted to our Facebook page.

July 23: We will be in Seattle to release Bottleworks XII at Brouwer’s Cafe. Details to come, but save the date and keep up on Brouwer’s to be in the know.

July 24: Tart of Darkness on a Facebook poll-winning randall of your choice. You guys better make it good!

July 25: Vertical Barrel Aged Sour Flights — choose a flight of Oude Tart, a flight of Sour in the Rye, or try them all together. The Oude Tart flight includes years 2009, 2011, 2012 and the Sour in the Rye flight includes years 2011, 2012. The Viking Truck will be here to feed you!

July 26: Mystery Barrel Aged Sour Pin #1  + Seabirds food truck — This pin will be Sour Smoking Wood!

July 27: A Bite Truck returns

July 28: Mystery Barrel Aged Sour Pin #2 — This pin will be Sour in the Rye on Pineapple, on pineapple! Pineapple was added once during fermentation and again into the pin.

July 29: Check back here for the announcement of August’s theme.

July 31: Mystery Barrel Aged Sour Pin #3 — This will be Oude Tart on Boysenberries.

And speaking of barrel aged goodness, we’ve also been busy doing some fun stuff internally here at The Bruery. A couple of our employees came together to make a special employee-only batch of barrel aged hot sauce. Can’t wait to see how this turns out after all the fun we had watching Victor burn his tastebuds off and Tyler gag on ghost pepper fumes. But more on that later …

We’ll be announcing the month of August’s theme at the end of this week and posting our events for that theme on the Tasting Room’s Facebook events page. If you’d like to be in the know about all happenings at The Tasting Room, you can sign up for our Tasting Room newsletter here, follow us on The Bruery Tasting Room’s Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram.

Read more about what we are up to last month in A Look Back on June, Fruited Beer Month

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