Posting From a Dark Spot in the Warehouse

Here’s a different post. Not for the purpose of information or entertainment, but simply because I don’t feel like doing anything else.

I’m sitting here, listening to the drywall guys chat and giggle in a language I can’t understand (add to the to-do list: learn Spanish), and I’m thinking “When the hell are they going to be done so I can go home?” They framed the ‘vestibule’ last week. The vestibule is the box-like wall around my cargo door, designed to keep the vermin away. Now they are applying tape and some sort of paste to the joints of the drywall. They worked on this yesterday and they planned to finish up the job then. At 6 PM I decided I needed to go home since I had been at the brewery for 12 hours that day, and about 10 minutes later the circuit breaker blows at my neighbors (who are graciously providing a electrical cord for me so I have power), so they went home. That’s why I’m hanging around until they finish– because I really want them to finish.

Tyler started work on Monday. I didn’t have too much work to give him as there’s no equipment to setup until the flooring is in place. He took the initiative to order safety equipment from a catalog he had ordered the week before. We went to lunch at Hollingshead’s, made a few friends with folks interested in “What the hell is ‘The Bruery’?”, and tried out some beers for the tasting tomorrow night. Tyler had school today, but has a nice full day ahead of him with moving the equipment to the brewing area. He promised he would post to the blog for the first time discussing equipment installation.

Speaking of the winter beer tasting at Hollingshead’s, tomorrow’s the night. Tickets have been sold out for awhile. I’ll be speaking about all of the beers being poured except for Sam Adams Winter Lager, which will be presented by the local Sam Adams rep. A Chapman Grad student in the Food Sciences program will also be talking about the hops used in Belgian beers. Should be a good night, and I should really think about what I’m going to say!

Back to The Bruery, things are coming along quickly, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The next three weeks will be crazy busy, but I need to get open and make some beer so it’s worth it.

Hell yes, the drywall guys just finished up, and now I can go home. Only 11.5 hours spent here today.

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