Plans Approved by City

Finally, we’re ready to start construction! Plans were approved this morning by the City of Placentia, and my general contractor just needs to pull the permit, and I need to pay a hefty fee. Seems easy enough, right? The only thing holding me back is that my contractor isn’t returning my phone calls. The City is closed tomorrow, so the permit will have to be pulled on Monday.

Regardless, I’m trying to reflect on the accomplishment that my plans were approved, and things can finally move along. I think celebrating all of the small achievements along the way is important in keeping sane, and as a reminder about what I’m trying to do. I’m not in the business of building breweries; I’m in the business of brewing beer. I now know how to start a brewery, and I hope I’ll remember how to brew when it comes time!

If construction starts next week, I’m aiming to start brewing in late October / early November. If that’s correct, then I’d be on track to sell bottles / kegs in early December. I haven’t been right on guessing when things would get done previously, so I probably shouldn’t be putting dates out there, but I will anyway. I’m really looking forward to brewing a winter seasonal, so I pray this timeline pans out.

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