Pilot Batch Release: Stay at Home Dad by Stefan Weber

Our fifth and final Meet the Brewer Night is on Thursday!

Meet Stefan and try his pilot brew on Thursday, 3/6 from 6-8PM!

Our last limited release pilot batch beer comes from one of our newest additions to our brewing team. Stefan Weber came up with a little twist on a German classic just in time for longer days here in So Cal.

He chose to brew Stay at Home Dad for his pilot batch because one of his favorite styles is the tart, refreshing Berliner Weisse.
To add his own spin on this dry, sessionable brew, Stefan added a touch of smoked malt to the grain bill. Since smokey beers and sours can be pretty divisive beers, even those who are not fans of said flavors will likely find this beer to be very approachable as the smoke is quite subtle and the tartness is most refreshing.

Before working at The Bruery, Stefan brewed at Barrio Brewing Co in his home state of Tucson, AZ, preceded by working at Tuscon’s 1702 craft beer establishment. After a neighbor let him borrow The Complete Joy of Homebrewing and How to Brew by John Palmer, Stefan never looked back. Except hopefully to give that awesome neighbor a big ole hug.

We think this beer is a perfect backyard sipper, but it might be even more perfect for drinking on a Thursday night on the 6th of March in 2014 where you can try a glass with the brewer himself. He’ll be here to answer questions about his brew and hand out dramatic headshots of himself, which you can ask him to sign or write love notes on.

A very light bodied, delicate beer. High carbonation. Very refreshing and sessionable from the pleasant mellow sourness and subtle smoke flavor. Color is very pale straw and hazy.

More specs:
ABV – 4.28 %v/v
Specific Gravity – 1.00103
pH – 3.43
Color – 4.9 SRM
Bitterness – 8.1 IBUs

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