Once in a while we whip out the camera and take some photos, but then we tend to forget that we took photos and they sit on a memory card in a lonely camera in a drawer for a while. Well, here are just a few of the cooler photos from the past month or two. Enjoy.

Doug and Kevin getting our hop vine down so we can use it to dry hop a cask of Humulus XPA for the Tasting Room.

Just a few of our Reserve Society members lining up to try Papier aged in bourbon, brandy and rye barrels.

Tyler examines a glass of what would eventually be blended and dubbed Oude Tart

A line up of several barrels of Flemish red ale, we would blend these to taste. The outcome became Oude Tart.

Jay somehow organized a monstrosity of hoses in order to clean the brewhouse after a hard day’s work.

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