Past Events in Pictures

In December the Hollingshead family invited me to speak at their Winter Tasting.  I introduced about 11 beers, giving any information I know about the brewery, how the beer was made, why Belgian beers are so great, and so on.  Kenny did a great job pimping The Bruery, comparing me to Vinnie Cilurzo (a stretch, I know!), and announcing he’d be the first account to sell my beer.  The last beer of the night was my Quadrupel, which went over well with the crowd.

Our good friend Spence and Rachel at the tasting.

 Tyler moving around a 15 bbl fermenter

The 30 bbl fermenter being moved over the curb

Glycol chiller being placed on the roof platform

Julian helping out in raising the brite beer tank

The lifting of the 30 bbl fermenter.  My contractor Bob did a great job in getting this beast up safety, and without any expensive riggers!

The two tanks in their permanent location.

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