Our beer is in Belgium?!

Jay, one of our awesomely fantastic brewers, recently went on a trip with his family across the pond to Paris and of course he had to make a quick stop in Brussels, seeing as he was so close. No surprise, he happened upon many amazing beers that one could never buy in the US, but to great surprise, the world famous Delirium Cafe in the heart of Brussels had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of our beers in stock!

If that wasn’t cool enough…their giant, enormous, telephone directory of a beer menu has a page featuring our info with a photo of another one of our brewers, Travis!

Does the cool stop there? Not really. Jay bought a bottle of our Saison Rue to share with the bartender and other staff and was rewarded with a comment that it was one of the best Brett beers they had ever tried from America. This compliment coming from a bartender at what is often regarded as the best beer bar in the world, right in the heart of Belgium, is simply remarkable.


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