OffShoot™ Beer Co. debuts today on draft, late April in cans, specializing in IPAs

“IPA” and “cans”. Two words you’re not likely to associate with The Bruery® & Bruery Terreux®.

But today we’re introducing a third member to Famille Rue, and those words are exactly what Offshoot™ Beer Co. will be all about. Hoppy beers, in cans, brewed by our talented team here in Orange County, CA.


We’re pretty lucky to be beer fans at this point in time. Today’s craft beer fans have the wonderful luxury of being the happiest hopheads in recorded history, with over 5,000 craft breweries and brewpubs now established in the US (and over 700 in California!) It’s not uncommon for a brewery to open its doors with a quintessential IPA (or even a plethora of them), and that’s a good idea, as the IPA has consistently topped production and growth numbers in the craft beer market. Besides, who doesn’t love a good IPA? We do!

With so many incredible hoppy options to enjoy, we’ve remained steadfast in our promise to use our time and resources to create other unique beers that push the boundaries of brewing. In our early planning stages in 2007, we began setting out several intentions for our business. We opted to make beers that defied the expectations of what beer should be. We used unusual ingredients to create flavors we’ve never before experienced in beer, so we could share an unforgettable “Aha moment” with you. We chose to make something truly different, complicated, and sometimes challenging. We committed to packaging our beers in large format champagne-style bottles, so you could proudly present them at special occasions, like your friend’s dinner party or your cousin’s wedding. We promised to never make an IPA, certainly not because we don’t like them, but because we wanted to focus on achieving a flavor profile rather than making a beer to fit in a certain style. Beers like Oude Tart or Black Tuesday may not have been created if IPAs were an important part of our portfolio back when we began. We’ve kept our promises, and we will continue to do so … for the most part.

We’ve admittedly danced around our promise to never brew an IPA. How about a hoppy IPL? A Cascadian dark ale? A hazy Vermont-style hoppy pale? We’ve brewed them all, and many, many other hoppy releases that have appeared on draft, and occasionally even in our eye-catching bottles. As we happily cross the threshold into our tenth year in brewing, our ban on IPAs has been justified to a point, but this promise is also beginning to serve as a quaint reminder of our stubbornness, rather than a commitment to innovation.

So here’s a promise we didn’t exactly make – we never said we wouldn’t launch a new brand that focuses on fresh, juicy, aromatic, and conveniently canned IPAs. So it’s about time we release the unexpected beer you’ve been waiting for. You’ve shown you want IPAs from us (and we know we want IPAs from us) and we believe doing so will give our Famille the opportunity to be innovative in ways we haven’t been able to experience before.

Introducing Offshoot Beer Co.


Offshoot Beer Co. will specialize in hoppy beers, primarily IPAs and Double IPAs, in 16 oz cans that will be available directly from our brewery in limited supply and on a monthly basis. We plan to can the first two releases at the end of this month, and as soon as those babies are all packed up, you’ll have the opportunity to crush two kinds of fresh-as-can-be 16 oz cans of hoppy satisfaction — Not after cellaring. Not days later. Fresh, straight from the source.

Our first two releases will be hazy delights, but we intend to expand the brand offerings beyond the New England-style IPA haze craze into all things hoppy, adding our own experimental and innovative approach to the ever-evolving and expanding IPA category.

The first two can releases in late April will be:

Fashionably Late™ a juicy, hazy IPA
Hops: Citra, El Dorado, and Mandarina Bavaria
Malts: Two-Row and Pale Wheat malts, rolled oats
Yeast: S-04
ABV: 6.5%

Better Late Than Never™ a juicy, hazy Double IPA
Hops: Mosaic, Vic Secret, Citra
Malts: Golden Promise, Wheat Malt
Yeast: BSI-Barbarian
ABV: 8.5%


Hop on board for upcoming monthly can release information

So how do you hop on board for this adventure? It all starts when you join our Interest List.

Anyone can join. No fooling.

The virtual line forms at, where you can sign up for information and access to upcoming can releases from Offshoot Beer Co. Some who join our Interest List prior to the first can releases will be randomly selected and rewarded with a spot to join the group at the front of the line. Others will be rewarded for their patience and advance in line over time – with opportunities surfacing upon each monthly sale.

Members of our Societies will be rewarded for their support with the opportunity to advance to the front of the virtual line while enjoying a discount on purchases, if applicable, for a limited time. Additional details will be shared with Society members via email today.

Once your access to the Interest List is activated, and you have access to cans released from Offshoot Beer Co., getting your hands on each fresh release is not guaranteed. Those who hesitate will miss out, and those who purposefully pass on can releases will lose their place in our virtual line.


Celebrate this launch with us today at our Tasting Rooms!

Today for April 1st, we’re kicking off Famille Rue’s deep dive into IPAs at The Tasting Rooms at The Bruery & Bruery Terreux with three small batch, draft-only, hoppy releases from Offshoot Beer Co. More small batch releases will continue to be released at our Tasting Rooms throughout the month, and as April comes to a close, those on our Interest List will receive information about our first can releases.

On draft today at our Tasting Rooms we will have:

Out of Context™
IPA with a West Coast personality and Western World malt bill, featuring Vienna malt, a light haze, a slightly bitter personality and equal heaps of Simcoe, El Dorado and African Queen hops.

Double dry-hopped Double IPA, fabricated from a malt bill featuring two-row, pilsner malt and oats, and an intense, fruity hop character forged from heavy doses of Simcoe, Citra and a dash Huell Melon.

Delayed Gratification™
Juicy East Coast-style IPA, with impeccable timing and mouthfeel, thanks to a malt bill featuring two-row, wheat and oats, and a fruity yeast character complemented primarily by Citra, with El Dorado and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

It’s not just  IPAs we have to enjoy today. We’ll also be premiering new Offshoot Beer Co. merchandise at The Bruery Tasting Room. This includes a limited run of 100 specially labeled t-shirts. Additional merchandise will be on sale at later this month.

In retrospect, it would almost seem like we grew Famille Rue in a backwards fashion. From the beginning, we’ve focused on pushing the boundaries of barrel-aged, strong, and sour beers with intense flavors, made with a wide variety of quality ingredients and innovative processes. You will still find 750 mL bottles of innovative and experimental barrel-aged and clean beer from The Bruery, as well as wild and sour fermentations and blends from Bruery Terreux at our Tasting Rooms and in distribution on a regular basis. But today, we’re pretty darn thrilled to announce our newest brand that is completely uncomplicated. Surprised? Can you blame us?


We just can’t contain our desire to share our hoppiest dreams with you any longer, and we’re looking forward to sharing this hoppy opportunity with you. Be sure to sign up for our Interest List and stay tuned for updates to your inbox, and via @offshootbeerco on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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