Monday Update on The Bruery (Tuesday, 4/24))

Location: Not much to report here. I’m beginning to grow frustrated with real estate brokers as many of them haven’t been timely with their communications. Maybe I’ll tie something up this week, probably not.

Equipment: The brewhouse has been purchased, and I’m looking around for suppliers of fermenters. Stainless steel keeps going up in price, so what I budgeted for fermenters in January is now 20% higher.

Regulations: I started researching the requirements of Orange County Environmental Health. A brewery would be considered a food processing facility, and after reading through the requirements, I understand why this is a major process for new businesses. It appears that floors need to be sloped 1:50 toward floor drains, so I’ll likely have to repour all of the concrete in the building I lease. There may be some problem with the cargo doors being near the brewing equipment also, which would be a significant impediment as my needs require this kind of access. I can’t imagine this would apply to a brewery, but if it does, I may have to do business in another county.

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