Monday Update on The Bruery (5/14)

Unfortunately I didn’t sign a lease on anything last week, but there are a few places that I’m pursuing in Tustin, Placentia and Anaheim. After a terrible drive out to my Brother’s engagement party to Corona on Saturday, I decided I’ll spend a bit more on rent so I don’t have to be in the Inland Empire, not that I have anything against the IE. The prices are a bit better in the IE, but I’m finding that people in Orange County are looking forward to having a local brewery making unique beers, and I know I’d rather stay put here. I’m a bit less discouraged this week– things are starting to happen and I have options.

As far as equipment goes, I’ve committed to some used fermenters to keep costs down. Stainless steel pricing is outrageous right now, so I’ll be waiting on ordering new fermenters until I absolutely need them.

If anyone in Orange County is interested attending a homebrew club meeting, BrewCommune is having a meeting at Back Street Brewery in Irvine tomorrow night at 7:00. Hope to see some of you there.

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