Mac n’ Mischief

Being around you warms my soul. You elevate my consciousness and overwhelm my senses. These beautiful images of toasted marigold islands atop an ocean of a complicated web of tunnels and flowing annatto yellow waves will be etched forever in my memory. I didn’t think this could get any better. But, wouldn’t you know… it did… when a little Mischief came into my life.

Not quite evil, but not to be trusted… What does that even mean?! Just then a chill came over me. I sensed something devilish. But in that moment, I wrapped my head around what had just happened. It all became so clear. Victory was mine. I just experienced something beyond what I’d previously thought in the realm of possibility. I had found the perfect pairing.

Mac n' Mischief

That about sums up what went through my head when I ate Mac n’ Cheese while drinking Mischief. I’m holding on to the location for my own nostalgia, but this greater experience must be shared! I’m writing this to tell you that if you’d like an excellent pairing to add to the Thanksgiving table, you should consider throwing some Mac n’ Mischief into the equation. We all know that on their own, these two things are excellent.

But here’s why they’re so great together: cheese and beer is an amazing pairing on its own. Some [myself included] would argue that beer is better suited to partner with cheese than wine. In this case, the cheese is delivered in the form of rich, melty, gooey, fatty deliciousness. It’s intense. It’s a big act to share a stage with. But, its boldness is perfectly partnered by the assertive west coast hop profile, fruity pear-like yeast esters, high carbonation and light alcohol warmth present in this beer. The nuttiness of the cheese and the citrus and pear notes complement each other. The beer is bold enough to cut through the richness. The contrast brings new life to the beer with each sip as it readies your palate for each next bite. Together, these two truly are better that the sum of the components.

Choose your cheese wisely
A cheese like gruyere provides just the right mix of nuttiness, saltiness and richness of flavor to let you know you’re eating a dish made with cheese that’s a cut above the rest. While it’s also delicious, aged gruyere is more intense and expensive, so I’d use that to sprinkle on top at the most. There are tons of great recipes out there for gruyere mac and cheese, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have fun building on a base recipe. Mischief is also a great beer to pair with seafood, so if you can fit lobster into the budget, go for it! It is Thanksgiving after all, there’s no need to be shellfish!

Whatever ends up on your plate and in your glass on Thanksgiving, I hope it’s delicious and shared with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Post written by Matt Olesh, our Director of Retail Operations.

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